Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 12: Thanksgiving Day and Sunday Recap

Welcome to Week 12 and the official start to the Holiday Season! I don't know about all of you but this time of year is the only thing that helps me get through the cold days....even though its only 60 degrees here, but you know what I mean. The Holidays kicked off in the NFL on Thanksgiving Day with 3 games. The NFL also seems to be in the Holiday spirit with one team winning for a sick little boy, one Quarterback growing hair for a cause, and a cheerleader losing some hair for a cause. Since I was too full to recap on Friday, let's start with what the office will be buzzing about from the Thursday games.

- Yet again the New York Jets are the "butt" of countless jokes....this time literally. The Jets had to know it was not going to be their night against their arch-rivals, the New England Patriots when their QB, Mark Sanchez literally ran into the fanny of his offensive lineman, causing him to fall backwards and fumble the ball which was picked up by a Patriot and run into the end-zone for a touchdown. To add insult to injury, the Jets' returner, Joe Mcknight, fumbled the kickoff on the very next play, it was picked up by Julian Edelman who ran it in 22 yards for yet another touchdown caused by a Jets' turnover. In the end the Jets were humiliated 49-19. The fans were calling for Tebow, but it was found out later that he had a rib injury. If you have a second check out Mark Sanchez's fumble me it's worth it.

- The guys in your life might be getting a little technical this morning if they are talking about the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions game. Turns out the Lions lost this one, 34-31, because of a mistake made by their Head Coach, Jim Schwartz. By NFL rule, all scoring plays are reviewed by the officials. So when Houston's Jim Forsett scored an 81 yard touchdown the officials would have automatically reviewed the play to ensure that the score was, in fact, legit. During this review they would have seen that Forsett's knee and elbow were clearly down before he made the long run down the field and that their was no touchdown. However, Jim Schwartz made the mistake of throwing the challenge flag before the officials could review the play. Again, by NFL rule, throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play is considered unsportsmanlike conduct, carries a 15 yard penalty, and negates the official review. Needless to say, the Lions could have won this one in regulation, instead, it went to overtime and the Texans walked away with another close win, beating the Lions 34-31. Does anyone else find it impossible to hear the name Schwartz without thinking of Spaceballs? 
May the Schwartz be with you

- RG3 and the Washington Redskins did not do Tony Romo any Thanksgiving favors when they traveled to Dallas on Thursday. RG3 threw for 311 yards and 4 touchdowns in their 38-31 win over the Cowboys. 28 of those points came in the 2nd quarter, the first 28-point quarter the Redskins have had in 13 years. Tony Romo made an honest effort at a comeback and had a career-high day with 411 yards and 3 second-half touchdowns. But a hot Romo never seems to be enough for the poor Cowboys this year. "Impress Him" Fact: Tony Romo lost for the first time in 6 consecutive Thanksgiving Day starts. It is Romo's 3rd loss in 3 career 400 yard games and the Cowboys first loss to the Redskins in 7 Thanksgiving Day games.

- Now onto Sunday! Let's start at the end with the absolute smashing of the Green Bay Packers against the New York Giants on Sunday night. The Giants were coming off a bye week and a 2 game slump, while the Packers were hot on a 5 game winning streak. But apparently, there was a sweet little boy at the game who's Make-A-Wish wish was for the Giants to play like the Super Bowl champs they that is what they did, killing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, 10-38. The Packers were missing key players on Defense including, Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson. They were also missing receiver, Greg Jennings on offense.  The Packers' offensive line didn't do Aaron Rodgers (or his moustache) any favors either, he was sacked 5 times by the Giants and was under pressure all night. Eli Manning had 249 yards and 3 touchdowns. "Impress Him" Fact: The win gives the Giants a 2 game lead in the NFC East, while the loss knocks Green Bay out of a tie for first place in the NFC North.
The Movember Moustache is not working on or off the field, Aaron.

- The San Francisco 49'ers were also in the business of ending winning streaks with their 31-21 win over the New Orleans Saints. What's most impressive about this win? Well, they got it done with back-up QB Collin Kaepernick, in his second start for the 49'ers even after starting QB, Alex Smith was determined to be healthy enough to play on Sunday. Kaepernick threw for 231 yards and a touchdown. The 49'ers defense played a big part in their win, running two interceptions back for touchdowns, and sacking QB, Drew Brees, 5 times. They also held a New Orleans team who had rushed for 140 or more yards in previous games to just 59 rushing yards on Sunday. San Francisco Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, said that he started Collin Kaepernick to preserve the health of Alex Smith, but he did not say who would start next week against the St. Louis Rams. Could there be some QB drama in San Francisco...I hope so, that is what makes this game so interesting.
Who will be the guy in SF? That's Kaepernick on the left in case were wondering

- The Atlanta Falcons were also in the business of bringing down winning streaks with a close 24-23 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were on a 4-game roll. With just over 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Falcons were down 17-23. But Atlanta QB, Matt Ryan, is no stranger to game-winning drives and he put together a 6-play, 64 yard drive that ended with a touchdown run from Michael Turner to give the Falcons the 1-point lead. The Bucs had a chance to pull off the win, but missed a field goal. The hot rookie of the moment, Doug Martin, was also held to just 50 rushing yards for the Bucs. The Falcons can't relax for long though, they host the New Orleans Saints next week, the very same Saints who handed them their first loss of the season just a few weeks ago.

- A cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts, Megan Meadors, accepted a challenge by the Colts' mascot, Blue. Blue asked the cheerleaders if they would shave their heads if he managed to raise $10,000 for leukemia research in the name of Colt's head coach, Chuck Pagano, who is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. Meadors accepted the challenge, raised over $22,000, and let blue shave her head on the sidelines. This is the kind of story that gives me goosebumps.
How can Blue see what he's doing? Good for you, Megan!
 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is as excited about the Holiday season as I am! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @gridiron4girls and like Gridiron For Girls on Facebook!

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