Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 10: Nobody's Perfect: Sunday Recap

It's Week 10 and things are starting to get interesting out in NFL land. The New Orleans Saints defeated the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons 31-27. To make things even more interesting the two teams used their post-game interviews to sling passive aggressive shots at each other that would make the meanest of high school Mean Girls proud. First, Falcons Wide Receiver, Roddy White, said something to effect of that the Falcons gave the Saints that win and the Saints didn't really do anything to earn it. That would be a little more convincing coming from a guy who didn't stop short on a run, causing him to miss a pass that would have won the game. The Saints then answered by way of Linebacker, Curtis Lofton (who used to play with the Falcons), by saying that he didn't really consider the Falcons rivals because the Saints have won 11 of their past 13 meetings. Both of these Mean Girls have solid points. The Falcons had plenty of chances to win this game and just could not finish, giving steam to the critics out there who say that they are overrated. Nonetheless, these two teams play again in a few weeks and it will be interesting to see what happens. 
Has Regina George been schooling the NFL in the Art of Mean?

- It was actually raining cats and dogs when the Houston Texans traveled to Chicago to take on the Bears, throwing in an added element to what was already going to be an interesting game. "Impress Him" Fact: Going into Sunday's game the Bears led the league in takeaways and the Texans led the lead in fewest turnovers. But the Texans managed to turn the tables on a team who forced 4 fumbles last week (all by one Charles "Peanut" Tillman). The Bears turned the ball over 4 times and QB, Jay Cutler was knocked out with a concussion late in the second quarter. (Aside: One of my friends believes that Jay Cutler was not really concussed and shouldn't have left the game. It is my belief that Jay Cutler was simply tired of being in the cold rain wand wanted to get home to Kristin to watch reruns of The Hills. End of Aside.) It was a sloppy 13-6 win for the Texans. Schaub had just 95 passing yards and an interception, but it is a win nonetheless and the Texans are now tied with the Falcons for the best record in the NFL.
Jay Cutler: Baby, you promise you think I'm cuter than Brody? Promise?!

Quick Notes:
- Jay Cutler wasn't the only one with a headache, Michael Vick (Eagles) and Alex Smith (49'ers) also left their games with concussions on Sunday.

- They might be Giants but they are still human. Eli Manning and the Giants got their fannies kicked by the Cincinnati Bengals 13-31. 

- The St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49'ers recorded the first tie game of the season with a 24-24 score at the end of overtime.

What do you think? Can NFL players be just as bad as Mean Girls? And can anyone name 3 songs from the band They Might Be Giants? If not, you are seriously missing out.

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