Monday, January 21, 2013

The Playoffs: Championship Sunday

This is it, people. What the whole season is about. Who is going to the Super Bowl?! It was all decided on Sunday and the winners are.... Aside: Watching The Bachelor is seriously one of the most uncomfortable experiences that I continue to put myself through season after season. What is the matter with these girls?! 

- The San Francisco 49'ers beat the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 to win the NFC Championship and earn a spot in the Super Bowl. I am more than a little bummed about this loss for the Falcons. You might remember that I had the chance to go to a Falcons game early on in the season and it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had (it was like the opposite of watching The Bachelor). And in the beginning it looked like the Falcons might run away with it. They took an early 17-0 lead with Julio Jones racking up over 100 receiving yards in the first half and making touchdowns look easy. But then the Falcons did what they do best, blow leads. Only this time they couldn't comeback against the 49'ers and Colin Kaepernick...the quarterback who replaced Alex Smith mid-season. A decision that is making Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, look like a genius right about now.

- Speaking of Harbaughs, after Jim made sure his team was headed to the Super Bowl it was his big brother, John Harbaugh's turn to do the same for the Baltimore Ravens. Another Aside: Okay I know this is supposed to be about football, but I just watched the part of The Bachelor when Kasey tries to clue Sean into the drama that the other girls are having. I think it is fair to say that Kasey is a lethal combination of stupid, desperate, and crazy. I mean, she has been on this show before (first red flag) shouldn't she know that ratting out the other girls never goes over well with the guy you are all fighting over?? Okay...I'm done...oh wait someone just fell down the stairs. Her name is Tierra...give me a break. Back to football. What I was saying is that when the Baltimore Ravens kicked off against the New England Patriots there was a very good chance that the Super Bowl would feature two brothers coaching against each other. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING! Can you tell I am excited?! Not only do I love the Ravens but nothing makes me happier than seeing Tom Brady and Bill Belichek lose football games, let alone this football game! The Patriots had never lost an AFC Championship game at home, Tom Brady was 67-0 at home when they are leading at the half, but all of that history was no match for the Ravens who shut the Patriots down 28-13. So now Ray Lewis will end his 17 year long career...all spent with the a Super Bowl. That's quite a story.
It looks like he beat up a 12 year old boy and stole his outfit

The stage is set for Super Bowl XLVII (any one have any clue how many that brain is too fried by mindless television to try and figure it out). And what a story it will be: The first time in Super Bowl history that 2 brothers will be coaching against each other, the end of Ray Lewis' iconic career...and of course the Destiny's Child reunion concert. Fun Fact: Jim and John Harbaugh are only 15 months apart. Also their parents names are Jack and Jackie and they have a sister, Joanie. Do you see where I am going with this? Jack, Jackie, Jim, John, and Joanie. Say that 5 times fast. For the first time in a long time I am so excited for more than just the commercials and half time entertainment when it comes to this Super Bowl. What do y'all, think? are you excited for Harbaugh Bowl? Does it concern you that there are people out there who would name their child, Tierra? No matter what, there is only one game left in this NFL season and then I have to figure out another hobby. Bowling for Broads, anyone?
Thank God they have to wear those hats or things would get very confusing on Super Bowl Sunday.
But wait...I need to say a proper good bye to Tom Brady....

A cowboy hat, belt buckle, AND chaps? What do you think he is thinking about?

Wear all the glasses you want, you will never be as cool as Lebron.

I started the season with this gem...seems fitting that I should end with it.

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