Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: The Night That The Lights Went Out in NOLA

I am sorry for the late post, but I have really been trying to figure out how I want to approach this last post of the 2012 NFL season. Even people who hate football watch the Super Bowl either for the commercials or the halftime show and let's be honest, there are not many girls out there who were going to miss a Beyonce/Destiny's Child  halftime show...although I was a little let down by the amount of DC time, were you? The short story of what happened during the game is this...the Ravens were winning big, Beyonce blew the lights off the place (figuratively), the lights went out (literally), the 49'ers made a huge comeback, the Ravens win anyway. What started off looking like it was going to be a blow out by the Ravens turned into a really great game that came down to the wire, it was a great way to end a drama filled season.
That's right, Mrs. Carter, it's all your fault that the lights went out.You just had to have the flames at the beginning didn't you?

It seems like so long ago that I started this little experiment of mine (remember the replacement refs). Ever since I started dating my now husband 8 years ago people have heard me joke that the best birthday present  I get is the end of football season (The Super Bowl is always on or around my birthday). But this year I definitely feel a little sad that it is over. Here are some of the things I have learned by writing this blog:

1.) As you know, part of the reason I started this blog is so that I would be a part of my husband's life during football season. I wasn't sure how well my plan had worked until a few weeks ago when my husband was at Twin Peaks (imagine Hooters with trashier uniforms) with a friend watching the playoffs and was texting me the whole time about the game. It's nice to know I was top of mind when surrounded by so many um...peaks.
I mean, seriously? If you wore that on a mountain you would die. It's not realistic.
2.) I have learned to live without Project Runway and Glee. In order to follow this sport, I really had to take inventory of the TV I was watching and get rid of the dead weight. It turns out I don't need ego-maniacal designers or mash-ups of Adele songs to entertain me. It may sound ridiculous but you have no idea how liberating it is. Auf Weidersehen yourself, Heidi Klum.
I don't even care if you're together or not!
3.) I am the only person I know who likes Cam Newton. Seriously, even the guys on ESPN hate him. Maybe I am missing something but I will always be a Cam fan

4.) My husband does not classify 10 straight hours of watching football on the couch as "laying around". The other day I just wanted to have a lazy Saturday while my husband wanted to run all over town. When I complained he said, "I can't just lay around all day!". When I pointed out that that is exactly what we had done for the last 16 Sundays I was told, "yeah, but that's football.". You can't argue with logic that incredible.

5.) I have learned that, to men, any football is better than no football. There were games when someone like the Raiders would be playing someone like the Cardinals...and even though there were complaints about how terrible the game was, it was not terrible enough to hand over the remote control so I could watch my taped episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have even caught my husband watching high school football on a Friday night. And why is it that high school football games always look like they were taped in 1985?

6.) I am the girl who signs up for 3 months of unlimited yoga, is great about going for the first month, and then starts to find any reason not to go near the place. Writing this blog showed me that when I really dedicate myself to something I have what it takes to see it through.

7.) And to go along with #6 I have learned that I really love writing. I have had more fun writing this blog the last 5 months! It has given me something to focus on outside of work and I am not really ready for it to be over. So in the off season you can look forward to periodic posts on what is going on in the NFL so you can stay in the loop and blow the guys in your life away with the little tid bits you find here.

Thanks so much to all of you who read, praised, and encouraged me. I really hope you meant it because you have inspired to me to keep going which means I will be blowing up your Facebook page for months to come! Please leave your comments and feedback and see you in the off season!

Gridiron For Girls (I have been waiting YEARS for a reason to use a Gossip Girl-esque sign off!)

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