Monday, January 14, 2013

The Playoffs: Divisional Round

I think the most important way for me to start this week's (late) post is to let all of you know that as I write this NFL blog, my husband is watching The Bachelor and getting mad at me for not paying attention. How's that for irony? I have used The Bachelor as a metaphor for football before in this blog so in honor of my hubby I will bring it back for Round 2 of the playoffs, otherwise known as the Divisional Round. Anyone who has watched The Bachelor knows that nothing is feared more than the dreaded 2-on-1 date. That's where two girls go on a date with our bachelor and only one comes back. Well imagine an episode made up of four 2-on-1 dates and that would be the Divisional Round of the playoffs, 8 teams go in, only 4 come out. Below is a snapshot of where we are after this weekend's know in case you dont feel like reading my witty recaps.

- It's official, I am a Ravens fan. I love Ray Lewis and want to see him end his career with a Super Bowl win. I love Torrey Smith, I think he has the kindest face of anyone I have ever seen. And I love that this is a team that just will not go away. After beating the Colts last week, the Ravens travelled to Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos who have been on somewhat of a hot streak. Well nothing was hot in Denver on seriously the windchill factor was -2 degrees. To make a long game short, here is what you need to know: Joe Flacco and Jacoby Jones saved the day for the Ravens. After trading scores all game, the Broncos were up by a touchdown with 31 seconds left in the game when Joe Flacco threw a 70 yard Hail Mary pass to Jacoby Jones to tie the game and send it to two overtimes and winning the game 38-35. It should also be noted that Peyton Manning was not his best self. Maybe the cold air was too much for his Louisiana blood, but he accounted for all 3 of Denver's turnovers to help the Ravens on to the AFC Championship.
I am trying to think of something funny to say but all I can think of is "bahaha!" Go home, Peyton.

- The news was not as great for one of my other favorite teams, the Green Bay Packers as they took on the San Francisco 49'ers. Colin Kaepernick, who became the starting quarterback for the 49'ers during the last 3rd of the regular season, certainly made a statement in his first playoff appearance. Not only did he throw for 26 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he also rushed for a record 181 yards and 2 touchdowns to give the 49'ers the 31-45 over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.
Bless him. Hey Rodgers! Call me, maybe.
- One of the perks of my job is that I get to go to market in Atlanta and shop for beautiful home furnishings and accessories with someone else's credit card. If that is not living the dream, I am not sure what is. I was so excited to get to market on Sunday that I almost forgot about the Atlanta Falcons kicked off against the Seattle Seahawks at 1:00. That is until we started looking for a parking place and were surrounded by Falcons jerseys. I finally found a $30 parking spot in the middle of a Falcons tailgate and definitely felt a little jealous that I wasn't there to be part of the football fun...and believe me it would have been fun. The Falcons blew a 20 point lead and were down by 1-point in the 4th quarter with 31 seconds left to play. But as we have seen all season the Falcons have, more often than not, found a way to win; and after 2 long passes by Matt Ryan and 8 seconds remaining, Matt Bryant kicked a 49 yard field goal to give the Falcons their first post-season win since 2004. The Falcons will face the San Francisco 49'ers in the NFC Championship next week.

- The last game of the Divisional Round was between the Houston Texans and our old friends the New England Patriots (y'all got the sarcasm there, right?). Apparently all Tom Brady knows how to do is win playoff games, and unfortunately for the Texans Sunday afternoon was no exception. Brady threw for 344 yards and 3 touchdowns to solidly beat the Texans, 28-41. The Patriots will face my real friends, the Ravens next week in the AFC Championship. I am so upset about Tom Brady getting another shot at going to the Super Bowl that I am almost too depressed to google ridiculous pictures of him...almost.

Name one thing you have to cry about, Tom. ONE.

I was going to save this one, but I couldn't wait. Nice hair.

Next week we have the AFC and NFC Championships that will decide who goes to the Super Bowl. It's like the final date of The Bachelor except this time the final date is a football game that is sure to be overshadowed by the Destiny's Child reunion concert at halftime. I mean, I can think of no better reward for my 18 weeks of football watching than the girls back together again! What do you think they will open with? Say My Name? Too predictable? Oh gosh, my head might explode just thinking of all the possibilities, it's going to be just like that last scene in Dreamgirls
Yes girls, I think I am finally ready for this jelly.

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