Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 13: Sunday Recap

When I started this blog I promised that the NFL was the best Reality TV there was. Unfortunately it got a little too real this weekend.On Saturday morning Javon Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his 22-year old girlfriend. He then drove to Arrowhead Stadium, thanked his head coach, Romeo Crennel and Chiefs' General Manager Scott Pioli, for everything they had done for him and then shot himself in front of them in the stadium parking lot just as the police arrived. To make this story even more tragic, Belcher and his girlfriend were parents to a 3-month old baby girl who is now left without parents. Despite this unthinkable tragedy for the Chiefs, the team collectively decided that it would still play their Sunday afternoon game against the Carolina Panthers. Remember earlier in the season when Ravens' wide receiver, Torrey Smith, lost his brother in a motorcycle accident but still played that night and had one of the best games of his career? Well, the Kansas City Chiefs drew the same kind of strength on Sunday, beating the Panthers 21-27. Not that the Panthers tried to make it easy for them. Cam Newton threw for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns. Chiefs' QB, Brady Quinn, threw for 201 yards and his first 2 touchdown passes in 2 years! After the game Chiefs and Panthers could be seen hugging, crying, and praying together. Even as I type this I am tearing up, not only because what happened on Saturday is such a senseless tragedy that has left a 3-month old an orphan for no reason, but also because there is something about seeing a team pull together in the face of the unthinkable and seeing their opponents offer their love and support. Needless to say this has also fanned the flames of the gun-control debate and Bob Costas was quick to offer his opinions during half time of Sunday Night Football.
A group of Chiefs and Panthers pray together after the game

- On to a less upsetting game, the San Francisco 49'ers against the St. Louis Rams. Leading up to this game it was all about the quarterbacks. You might remember that starting QB for the 49'ers, Alex Smith, was knocked out a game with a concussion. The back-up, Collin Kaepernick, proved to have a "hot hand" and was kept as the starter even after Alex Smith was cleared to play. Kaepernick was the starter again this week against the Rams, a team that the 49'ers tied with a few weeks ago. "Impress Him" Fact: The tie between these 2 teams was the first tie in 4 NFL seasons. It looked like this game was headed for the same result when the teams were still tied up with less than 30 seconds left in overtime until Greg Zuerlin kicked a 54-yard field goal with 26 seconds remaining to give the Rams the 16-13 win over the 49'ers. Kaeperick threw for 208 yards, no touchdowns, and also gave up a safety which game the Rams 2 points. But 49'ers Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh is sticking by his new guy and says that Kaepernick will get his 4th straight start next week against the Miami Dolphins. "Impress Him" Fact: Alex Smith has done nothing wrong to lose his starting job, except get a concussion 3 weeks ago. In fact he was leading the NFL with completing 70% of his passes for 1731 yards. Harbaugh is taking a gamble with this switch, and the pressure is on for Kaepernick to get the 49'ers to the playoffs.

- Well the New York Jets won one. But it wasn't with Mark Sanchez, he got benched. And it wasn't with Tim Tebow, he is "hurt". And it wasn't by much, they won against the Arizona Cardinals, 7-6 with 3rd string quarterback, Greg McElroy, playing quarterback. McElroy went in after Sanchez was benched late in the 3rd quarter led the jets down the field for their one and only touchdown early in the fourth. The Jets need to win all of their next games to have a shot in hell of going to the playoffs...maybe ole whats-his-face is the guy to get it done.

- I feel like I haven't talked about the Dallas Cowboys for a few weeks, mostly because I am growing tired of that pitiful look on Tony Romo's face. But last night they faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles and pulled off a much needed 33-38 win. Romo competed 22 of 27 passes for 303 yards and three second-half touchdowns. To add a cherry on top of the win, Romo's 23-yard pass to Dez Bryant broke Troy Aikman's franchise record of 165 touchdown passes. Nick Foles, the QB who replaced Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles threw for 251 yards and a touchdown. But it wasn't enough and the Eagles went on to their 8th straight loss.
word on the street is that these two have been on the outs all season
It's been kind of a rough Week 13, I hope that Kansas City and the families of Javon Belcher and his girlfriend find a way to heal, move forward, and more than anything figure out the best plan for Baby Zoey. From what I can tell about how these teams operate, they will have all the support they need.

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