Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 16 Sunday Recap: Who's in and Who's out

Merry Christmas Eve and happy Week 16 in the NFL! I was under the impression that this was the last week of the regular season, but as luck would have it, there is one more so I will save my retrospective post on how far we have come for next week. This week it is all about who is in and who is out and as much as that may sound just like something Heidi Klum might say I was hard pressed to find one runway or sassy designer on my TV this past Sunday...sometimes things sound the same but aren't the same at all. In fact, I only wish trying to figure out who was in and out of the playoffs was as easy as Michael Kors saying yes or no. Instead we are dealing with math and the combinations of so many scenarios that make me want to bury my head in my pillow. Anyone who thinks that guys who are into sports are dumb is unbelievably wrong. It takes an very sharp analytical brain to figure this mess out. Those of you who know me know that anything to do with analytics, statistics, or anything else in the neighborhood basically drives me to drink, so here is my very dumbed down run down of who is in and who is out. On a side note I am thinking of writing to the NFL and suggest they adopt the Project Runway model of selection for next year's playoffs, I think it would make things easier for everyone.
I'm sorry Steelers that means you're out. Auf wiedersehen.

- The Pittsburgh Steelers are out. They were knocked out of playoff contention by the Cincinnati Bengals who kicked a field goal with 4 seconds remaining in the game for the win. Cincinnati sacked Roethlisberger 4 times and Pittsburgh was only able to complete 2 of 14 3rd downs. So the "used-to-be" terrible Bengals are on their way to the post season and the 2-time Super Bowl champ, Ben Roethlisberger, is on his way home to his newborn baby.

- Not only are the Ravens in the playoffs but they are the Champions of the AFC North and they got there by beating the New York Giants 14-33. The Giants still have a chance but losing against the Ravens didn't help their cause. They will need to win next week against the Eagles and then will need some other teams to help them out as well in order to make it to the post-season. Not what you would expect from the defending Super Bowl Champs or a Manning brother. Aside: Apparently Eli's big brother, Peyton Manning, gave his brother some game notes on the Ravens after he played and beat them last week with his team the Broncos. Either Eli didn't listen, or Peyton played a pretty mean Christmas joke on his little brother because Eli looked like he didn't know where he was on Sunday night.
You're in Baltimore, Eli and they are KILLING you!

- The Indianapolis Colts are in and in a big way. Rookie QB, Andrew Luck, broke Cam Newton's rookie passing yards record and led his team to a 20-13 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only do the colts have life in the playoffs but they will take to the field with their head coach, Chuck Pagano, back by their side. Pagano was diagnosed with cancer early in the season and has missed much of the season while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Pagano is now in remission and you have to think that having their healthy coach back on the sidelines will fuel the Colts' fire going into the playoffs.

- The Seahawks are in as they continue their hot streak of completely killing their opposition. The Seahawks have not lost at home yet this season, and as the rain poured down in Seattle they kept the streak alive with a 13-42 win over the San Francisco 49'ers, who are thought by many to be the best team in the NFL right now. Rookie QB, Russell Wilson, threw for 171 yards and 4 touchdowns. "Impress Him" Fact: Seattle has outscored its last 3 opponents 150-30. That is incredible. If I were an NFC team I would be praying that Seattle does not win home field advantage in the playoffs.
As the Wise Man, Tim McGraw, once said "Bring on the Rain".
- The Miami and Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints both pulled off respectable victories against the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys respectively. But wins by the Bengals and the Vikings put both teams out of playoff contention. The Cowboys HAVE to win their game against the Redskins next week in order to make it to the playoffs.

- The Green Bay Packers are in and with the 49'ers loss may have a chance to win the No. 2 seed in the playoffs with a win over the Minnesota Vikings next week. What's the big deal about being the No. 2 seed? I'm glad you asked. The No. 2 seed gets a bye the first round of the playoffs. And in case you were wondering, the No. 1 seed gets a bye AND home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

While the AFC is pretty much decided the NFC will be figured out next week. So until then here is wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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